MEDILOSS The medical weight loss program

Defy obesity - professionally
Discipline, goals and drive.
Guided by science and medicine.
"I lost 51 pounds in 4 months" - A. Mullis (Mediloss patient)
"Your treatment has changed my life. May you and yours be blessed.  I lost weight and boosted my confidence" (Mediloss patient)
I lost 24 Lbs in 30 days - I cannot believe it. I am going to continue with the program. (Mediloss patient)
I lost more than 20 Lbs in 28 days. I already feel different and beautiful again. (Mediloss patient)
After gastric bypass and complications that kept me in the hospital intensive care for over 2 weeks - I am seeing the success of Mediloss - I wish I had just started with Mediloss to begin with itself. Gina H (Mediloss patient)
defy obesity - attain beauty & health. Feel young - live young.
Take advantage of our multipronged weight loss program for vitality and health - all done under professional medical supervision.

Better looking people pass easily through closed doors.

Have you noticed the drug representatives who come through a doctors office?

Do you know of a good looking person doing small jobs? Most likely not.

Research has clearly demonstrated that better looking people get better jobs and get jobs quickly.

Obese  people generally draw the short straw when it comes to small differences in treatment. Even some doctors blame all problems on the person's obesity rather than look for other things that may need fixing.

If you are ready to change your lives in the world of weight, firstly you have to understand that you are special and appreciate what you have in you.Every day you go on picking 40 pounds or more compared to other people. Inspite of this, you accomplish what the person without the weight accomplishes. There has to be something special about you - it is this special person we help in bringing out. Minus the weight.
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